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zaak case

The generic term ‘case’ to designate specific proceedings, usually in a phrase like zaaknummer (case number).

zakelijk to the point; concise

Example: Dutch: Na zakelijke opgave van de inhoud van deze akte aan de comparant, heeft deze verklaard van de inhoud van deze akte te hebben kennisgenommen en op volledige voorlezing daarvan geen prijs te stellen English: After the substance of this deed had been communicated to the person appearing, he stated that he had taken cognizance of its contents and did not require the deed to be read out in full.

zetel registered office

In the UK, normal usage is ‘registered office’, not ‘seat’ as sometimes given in dictionaries.

zich beroepen op to rely on
zijdens on the part of
zitting van de Hoge Raad session of the Supreme Court
zittingslocatie venue

Each District Court [Rechtbank] has various venues [zittingslocaties]. Thus for example the Rechtbank Limburg, zittingsplaats Roermond, could be translated as the District Court of Limburg, in session at Roermond. The venue is where a rechtbank (district court) hears cases. For example, the Rechtbank Limburg could have its zittingsplaats in Roermond.

zorgvuldigheidsnorm duty of care
zuivere vermogensschade pure financial losses

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