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pleeidoi oral pleadings bundle
participant group undertaking
pensioengerechtigde salaris pensionable salary

The part of an employee’s salary that is taken into account when calculating pension contributions. This might exclude annual bonuses or other special payments.

percelen lots

Context: tendering

percentage omzetverlies percentage decrease for turnover
petitum relief sought

Een memorie bestaat uit achtereenvolgens een kop, een lichaamcorpus en een conclusie. Het petitum is de omschrijving van de vordering in de conclusie van de memorie.

petitum relief sought

The ‘petitum’ is the description of the claim that appears in the court document, basically what the claimant is requesting from the court.

plaatsvervanger deputy
plaatsvervangend rechter substitute judge
pleidooi bundle
pleitaantekeningen written notes for use during oral pleadings
pleitaantekeningen written pleading notes
pleitnota written notes for use during oral pleadings
pp. parties
prejudiciële vraag preliminary question
prestatie performance
prijs preference

De verschenen persoon heeft verklaard op volledige voorlezing van de akte geen prijs te stellen, van de inhoud voor het verlijden van de akte tijdig te hebben kennis genomen en met de inhoud in te stemmen. Translation: The person appearing declared that his preference was for the full contents not to be read out, that he had taken note of the contents of the public instrument in good time before execution and that he agreed to the contents thereof.

primair primarily
principaal appel main appeal; appel

Often possible to just use ‘appeal’ because by definition this is the main appeal, as opposed to the cross-appeal.

principaal appel in conventie appeal; main appeal

The ‘in conventie’ refers to this being the appeal that is registered first, as opposed to the cross-appeal registered secondly in response (in reconventie).

procedure proceedings

The word procedure is a false friend in Dutch legal terminology and should be translated as ‘proceedings’ (in the plural). Procedure relates to any type of proceedings, e.g. tribunal proceedings, appeal proceedings, etc.).

procedure aanspannen to initiate proceedings; to issue proceedings
processtukken court submissions
process-verbaal inspection report

In an insurance report, the brief report written on-site immediately after an expert visit into the causes of a claim. The abbreviated form is: p.v.

proeftijdontslag dismissal during the probationary period
p.v. inspection report

In an insurance context. Abbreviation for: process-verbaal

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