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aanbestedingsprocedure procurement Procedure
aandeelhouder-rechtspersoon legal entity shareholder

legal entity holding shares (54 Google results)
legal entity shareholder (4080 Google results)
shareholder legal person (63 Google results)

aanmelding request to Participate

EU Procurement

advocatuur private practice

Private practice as opposed to working as a lawyer for the State.

afzien van de naleving waiver of compliance with

Dutch: indien alle overige aandeelhouders hebben meegedeeld af te zien van de naleving van die bepalingen;
English: if all the other shareholders have given notice that they waive compliance with those provisions;

beoordeling evaluation

‘Evaluation’ is the term used in procurement documents (to evaluate a tender).

combinatie consortium

In the context of a Procurement Procedure.

curator liquidator

In bankruptcy proceedings, see: Council regulation (EC) No 1346/2000 of 29 May 2000 on insolvency proceedings

financieel-economische draagkracht economic and financial standing
garanties warranties

A ‘warranty’ relates to the present or past and can mean an assurance, express or implied, given by the seller of goods/services, that it will be answerable for their possession of some quality attributed to them.

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