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nalatenschap aanvaarden accept your inheritance
nagelaten left

Dat hij heeft nagelaten als enige wettige en reservataire erfgenamen, zijn twee kinderen geboren en behouden uit zijn huwelijk met
That he has left as his sole heirs at law, his two surviving children, born from his marriage to

nietig zijn of vernietigd worden declared wholly or partly null and void or annulled

Indien één of meerdere bepalingen in deze algemene voorwaarden op enig moment geheel of gedeeltelijk nietig zijn of vernietigd worden, dan blijft de overeenkomst en deze voorwaarden voor het overige in stand en zal de betreffende bepaling in onderling overleg onverwijld vervangen worden door een bepaling dat de strekking van het oorspronkelijke zoveel mogelijk benaderd.
If any provision (or part of any provision) in these General Terms and Conditions is at any time held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the contract and the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions will remain fully applicable and the relevant provision will be replaced without delay, in consultation between the parties, by a provision which approximates as closely as possible the purpose and intent of the original provision.

naar maatstaven van redelijkheid en billijkheid it is fair and reasonable
niet in geld waardeerbare zaak non-monetary claim
non-concurrentiebeding non-compete clause
naam company name

This specifically refers to the name of the newly incorporated company.

naamloze vennootschap public company with limited liability

Dutch law distinguishes between two types of limited liability companies:
(i) public companies with limited liability (naamloze vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid or “N.V.”) and
(ii) private companies with limited liability (besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid or “B.V.”).

The main differences
between these two entities are as follows:
• B.V.s (as opposed to N.V.s) cannot issue bearer shares.
• N.V.s with bearer shares can be listed at the Dutch Stock Exchange. If certain conditions are met, the shares in a B.V. could be listed as well.
• N.V.s must have a minimum issued and paid-in capital of EUR45,000.
For B.V.s, no minimum issued and paid-in capital is required, as long as at least one share is issued to a person or legal entity other than the B.V.
or its subsidiaries.
• The nominal value of shares in B.V.s (as opposed to N.V.s) may be denominated in another currency other than the euro.
• B.V.s, as opposed to N.V.s, can issue shares without voting or profit rights.
• B.V.s are subject to less strict capital and creditor protection rules than N.V.s. For example, B.V.s do not need to acquire an auditor statement for
contributions in kind.
• Holders of a certain class of B.V. shares may appoint, suspend and dismiss their “own” managing director.
• Holders of a certain class of N.V. shares may only have nomination rights in relation to the appointment of managing directors (these nomination rights may be overruled
at the general meeting of shareholders).

nabestaandenpensioen Survivors' Pension
nader aangevuld worden further expanded on
nader uitwerken expand on this
nadere beoordeling detailed review
nakoming steps to remedy the notified breach

Used in contracts to describe steps taken to remedy a breach that has been notified (ingebrekestelling).

nalatenschap estate
nalatenschap estate; inheritance

Use ‘estate’ or ‘inheritance’ depending on the surrounding words (e.g. accept your inheritance; reject your inheritance; debts of the estate; estate has a positive balance)

nalatenschap verwerpen reject your inheritance

Field: wills and probate

nalatenschap estate
Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut Dutch Arbitration Institute
nevenactiviteiten positions with outside companies
niet aan de orde is not an issue; is out of the question; should not be considered
niet bezwaard met free of burdens

niet bezwaard met bijzondere lasten – free of burdens

niet gebleken of aannemelijk gemaakt no proof or evidence
niet genoteerde onderneming non-listed company
niet gewerkte uren non-worked hours
niet onderbouwd no arguments were provided
niet-ontvankelijk inadmissible
niet-volgestorte not yet fully paid up; partly paid

Context: partly-paid shares; shares not yet fully paid up

nietigverklaring nullity; declaration of nullity
nietig void ab initio; void; null and void
Noodmaatregel Overbrugging voor behoud van Werkgelegenheid Emergency Bridging Measure for the Preservation of Jobs
Noodmaatregel Overbrugging voor behoud van Werkgelegenheid (NOW) Emergency Bridging Measure for the Preservation of Jobs (NOW scheme)
noot comment
notaris civil-law notary
nu given that
nu dat given that
nu voor alsdan in anticipation; in advance

welke overdracht door Op- drachtgever reeds nu voor alsdan wordt aanvaard – whereby this transfer is accepted in anticipation by the Client
machtigt Opdrachtnemer Opdrachtgever reeds nu voor alsdan onherroepelijk – the Supplier irrevocably authorises the Client in advance

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