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h.r. hr house rule
handelsdebiteuren trade debtors Trade debtors are invoices owed to you by customers.
handgift manual gift Bij een handgift gaan de roerende goederen (geld, juwelen, antiek ...) gewoon, zonder enige officiële procedure, over van de ene hand in de andere. A gift esp. under the civil law of Louisiana made of a movable corporeal object by actual delivery and involving no formalities
handhavingsconvenant compliance agreement
hangend pending
hbo-opleiding graduate; have a degree in... Bachelor's degree awarded to graduates of bachelor's programmes at universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. More generally in job descriptions, etc. 'graduate' is fine.
heffingskortingen tax exemptions Various tax exemptions, e.g. Algemene heffingskorting maximaal, Arbeidskorting, Jonggehandicaptenkorting, Maximum inkomensafhakelijke combinatiekorting, ouderenkorting, Alleenstaande ouderenkorting
heffingsplichtig loon taxable pay
het beroepen vonnis the appealed decision
het gehuurde leased premises; leased property The word 'property' might be misleading if it appears to indicate a building in its entirety.
historische functie historic position
hof Court of Appeal; appellate court Usually better to refer to 'hof' as the appellate court, rather than just 'court' to distinguish it from the lower court (rechtbank).
Hof Den Haag Hague Court of Appeal
Hoge Raad Supreme Court The Supreme Court reviews decisions of lower courts, but only with regard to matters of law.
hoger beroep appeal The term 'hoger beroep' refers to appeal proceedings brought before an appellate court. The term 'hoger beroep' is distinguished from 'beroep', which can mean challenging a decision, for example as part of a grievance policy.
honorarium fee
hoofd head Deze akte is verleden te xxx op de datum in het hoofd van deze akte vermeld. This public instrument was executed in xxx, on the date first mentioned in the head of this public instrument.
hoofdvervaldag policy anniversary
huisvestingskosten premises costs
huurder lessee; tenant Using the word 'tenant' can make it easier to read the text and avoid confusion between lessee/lessor.
huurkosten rent
huurobject leased premises; leased property The word 'property' might be misleading if it appears to indicate a building in its entirety.
huurovereenkomst lease Avoid ‘lease agreement’, as the concept of ‘agreement’ is already contained in ‘lease’. The Dutch will often mention 'overeenkomst', which in a 'huurovereenkomst' should be translated as 'lease'.
huurprijs rent
huwelijksvermogensgemeenschap marital property In England and Wales, unlike other EU Member States, there is no 'matrimonial property regime' governing the ownership of property during, and at the end of marriage (or civil partnership). All property acquired by the parties during the marriage is treated as community property and is subject to division.
Huwelijksvoorwaarden Prenuptial Agreement

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