Below are some Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, please feel free to ring us or drop us an email with your query and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Why choose DutchLink Translations?

At DutchLink, we do what we say on the tin – we only do Dutch and our specialist fields are legal and commercial translations. That means we have built up expertise over the years, for the benefit of our clientele. We actively develop our professional skills by attending events and networking with colleagues to ensure we stay at the forefront of the market.

How long will my document take to translate?

Delivery times vary depending on factors such as legibility of the original text, complicated formatting, difficulty of the Dutch source text. It’s always best to send the document you need translating to us and then we can provide you with a proper quote. If your document is extremely urgent, we can also offer a rush service at extra cost.

How do I know you’re bona fide translators?

Both Elizabeth and Marion are fully qualified members of the Institute of Translation and Intepreting, which is your guarantee of quality. The ITI only accepts linguists of the very highest calibre, meaning you can rest assured that we have passed the most stringent of quality tests.

What quality checks do you put in place?

Alongside our years of experience, we consult regularly with each other – and with other professionals if needs be – on all aspects of the translation process. Having a second opinion – the ‘four-eyes’ principle – is invaluable with translation work. Although dictionaries are a good starting point, they often only tell half the story. In-depth expertise on usage and idiom can only be gained from a collaborative approach.

Are you members of a recognised body?

Both Marion and Elizabeth are qualified members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. This gives you complete peace of mind knowing that we are both accountable to the Institute for upholding the highest standards in the translation profession.

What about Google Translate?

GoogleTranslate is a fantastic tool if you require a gist translation. However, there is evidence to suggest that Google translated texts have less lexical variety and less richness of expression than texts translated by professional translators. And of course, Google Translate does not have the ‘ear’ for language that a human translator does. Therefore, for texts requiring stylistic flair, translating with Google Translate would be like asking someone with no fashion sense to choose your clothes – you would be functional but not aesthetic.

Moreover, Google Translate works like a giant search-and-replace program, meaning that the longer and more complex the sentence, the easier it is for Google Translate to miss small words out. Like the word ‘no’ or ‘not’ And you can imagine what that would do to the meaning of the translation. Can you imagine the consequences of that?

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