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de feiten en omstandigheden die in de bewijsmiddelen zijn vervat facts in the evidence
Driepartijenovereenkomst Realisatie Tri-Party Realisation Agreement
daar given that
dading release; settlement
dagvaarden to summons

Note the ‘s’ at the end (summons, not summon).

dagvaarding writ of summons (UK usage); indictment (US usage)

In The Netherlands, there are 2 ways of initiating civil proceedings – dagvaardingsprocedure or verzoekschriftprocedure. Where proceedings are commenced by issuing a dagvaarding, there is an inleidende dagvaarding (initiating writ of summons).

datum in dienst employment start date
debiteurenafdeling accounts receivable
decreet decree

Statutory Instrument issued by the language communities/the Flemish and Walloon Regions.

deelneming participating interest

According to EU Directive.

deelvonnis partial award
derdengelden trust
derdenrekeningen trust
dictum operative part of the judgment
dienende dag the hearing date
dienstbetrekking employed position
directeur groot aandeelhouder director and major shareholder

Abbreviation: DGA in Dutch, DMS in English

directie directorate
doel objects

‘Objects’ (in the plural) of a company are the activities it pursues; do not translate as ‘purpose’, ‘goal’, etc.

doorbetaling van loon tijdens ziekte paid sick leave
dossier claim file

In an insurance context. Context: …close my file

drempels limits

In an insurance context.

DSCR Debt Coverage Service Ratio
duurovereenkomst continuing performance contract
duurzaam ondernemen sustainability; sustainable business
dwingend recht mandatory law
de hoofvordering en de incidentele vordering the principal action and the incident (action)

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