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DutchLink is the partnership between two professional translators – Elizabeth De Zoysa and Marion Pini-Overberg. We have been providing high-quality translations in employment law and HR to clients since 2009. When clients place a translation assignment with us, they benefit from our combined expertise. With DutchLink Translations, you really do get the best of both worlds.

Elizabeth De Zoysa

Partner, DutchLink Translations

A native English speaker, with a passion for providing accurate, clearly written and natural-sounding translations. With many years of experience working as a paralegal, Elizabeth combines her love of language with her knowledge of law, to bring you legal translations you can trust.

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Marion Pini-Overberg

Partner, DutchLink Translations

A bilingual Dutch and English speaker, Marion has a keen ear for natural-sounding English. With many years of working in the city of London coupled with formal qualifications in HR, Marion has honed her English language skills to perfection, whilst keeping her Dutch language skills razor-sharp.

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Dutch→English specialists

With DutchLink Translations, you can be assured that our translations are:

  • Accurate – we are both accomplished linguists
  • Terminologically correct – we have many years experience of translating employment law and HR documents
  • Natural-sounding – we check and double-check to ensure fluency
Legal specialists

We have many years of experience in translating documents in the following areas:

  • Notarial documents
  • Contracts
  • Tenders
  • HR policies
  • Pension documents
  • Company regulations
Peace of mind for you
  • Qualified as full members with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting
  • Certified as having achieved Continuing Professional Development
  • Proven track record – we have been in partnership for over 10 years
  • Many satisfied clients – see our testimonials

Accreditations DutchLink Translations
Please contact us by email (info@dutchlink.co.uk) or phone (Elizabeth +44(0)7923 48 2112 or Marion +44(0)7919 593932) for any further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Email – info@dutchlink.co.uk
Phone – Elizabeth +44 (0)7923 482112 | Marion +44 (0)7919 593932

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