A little bit of polish goes a long way – why you should get your translations proofread

April 21st, 2020 by dutchlink

We polish our shoes. We polish our cars. Some of us even have polished performances and smiles.

So when you’ve paid good money to a copywriter for polished copy, remember the translation needs just as much attention.

Don’t waste your money just to get a translation ‘done’.

Translation is more art than science, so hiring a proofreader to work on the finished translation will ensure a more polished version, allowing your message to shine through more clearly.

‘Proofreading’ in its basic form is a sentence-by-sentence comparison of the original document against the translated document to check for accuracy. But the best proofreaders add something: they tighten up the copy so that it flows naturally, as if written by a native speaker.

Many translation agencies offer two levels of service: information-only translation and an enhanced level of translation-cum-proofreading for marketing texts or texts intended for publication.

If you work directly with a translator, choose one who has a wide network of colleagues to consult and work with. Collaboration really is the name of the game.

So why not pay a little extra for a ‘proofreading’ service, to get that extra polish? You’ll be glad you did.

After all, a little bit of polish goes a long way.


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