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totale omzetverlies total lost sales
tegemoetkoming financial support; financial help
t.a.p. id.

Abbreviation for: ter aangehaalde plaatse

tardief belated
te huur leased premises; leased property

The word ‘property’ might be misleading if it appears to indicate a building in its entirety.

te onderzoeken to be determined
te weinig oog heeft has failed to adequately consider
te weten in particular

Abbreviation: t.w.

tegenpartij third party

Use ‘third party’ in an insurance context to indicate that party that is not party to the insurance policy.

tegensprakelijke expertise joint expert investigation

An investigation into a claim, where both parties appoint an expert, unlike an ‘eenzijdige expertise’, when only one party appoints an expert.

tegenvordering counterclaim
ten deze handelend acting in this matter
ten onrechte vond de rechtbank… the district court erred in finding…
ten overvloede noting by the way
ter aangehaalde plaatse id.

Abbreviated for: t.a.p.

termijn deadline; time limit
testateur testator

Testator: a person who makes a will or gives a legacy.

tijdelijke handelsvennootschap temporary joint venture
toegedeeld distributed

In a will, ‘toegedeeld alle tot mijn nalatenschap behorende zaken…’ distribute all items belonging to my estate…’

toegevoegd gerechtsdeurwaarder junior bailiff

Na het eerste jaar werken in de praktijk, wordt de kandidaat-gerechtsdeurwaarder, toegevoegd gerechtsdeurwaarder of gerechtsdeurwaarder.

toepassingsgebied scope
toewijzen allow

To allow a claim.

t.p. third party

Abbreviation for: tegenpartij. Use ‘third party’ in an insurance context.

Tractatenblad Collection of treaties and conventions
tussenarrest interim judgment
tussenvonnis interim award

In the context of arbitration, an interim or partial award means an award that decides some but not all of the issues in dispute between the parties – the award is ‘partial’ because it decides some but not all of the substantive issues in an arbitration. Such an award is sometimes described as an ‘interim’ award’.

tussenvonnis interim decision

In the context of legal proceedings, interlocutory is a legal term which can refer to an order, sentence, decree, or judgment, given in an intermediate stage between the commencement and termination of a cause of action, used to provide a temporary or provisional decision on an issue. Preferable to use ‘decision’ for ‘vonnis’, as ‘judgment’ refers to a court’s final determination of the rights and obligations of the parties.

t.w. in particular

Abbreviation for: te weten

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