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sociaal statuut social security status
samenvattende opmetingsstaat summary bill of quantities
schadeleider claims manager
schadelijder claimant
schadeloos is gesteld was indemnified
schadevergoeding indemnity payout
schenken gift

Context: wills

schenker grantor, donor, giver

Context: wills

schenking gifting

Context: will

s.i.r. self-insured risk
s.i.u. special investigation unit
sommatiebrief summons letter
staande het huwelijk during the marriage
Staatsblad Bulletin of Acts and Decrees
stadium phase
statuten Articles of Association

The provisions governing the running of a company. Beware of the false friend ‘statutair’, meaning ‘relating to the Articles of Association’ and not meaning ‘statutory’.

stavingsstukken supporting documents
Staatscourant Government Gazette
stelling allegation

When referring to a statement of fact.

stelling argument
stelling position; argument

When referring to a legal position or argument.

Stichting Raad van Arbitrage voor Metaalnijverheid en -Handel Court of Arbitration for the Metal Trade and Industry
strijd met goede procesorde abuse of process
stukken van het geding case documents
sub in paragraph; at paragraph
subsidiair in the alternative
subsidie financial support
surseance van betaling suspension of payments

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SV-loon taxable wage base

Het sv-loon (sociale verzekeringsloon) is het loon waarover u belastingen en sociale premies betaalt.

SZW Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid

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