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SV-loon taxable wage base

Het sv-loon (sociale verzekeringsloon) is het loon waarover u belastingen en sociale premies betaalt.

samenvattende opmetingsstaat summary bill of quantities
schadelijder claimant
schadeloos is gesteld was indemnified
schadevergoeding indemnity payout
s.i.r. self-insured risk
sommatiebrief summons letter
Staatsblad Bulletin of Acts and Decrees
stadium phase
statuten Articles of Association

The provisions governing the running of a company. Beware of the false friend ‘statutair’, meaning ‘relating to the Articles of Association’ and not meaning ‘statutory’.

stavingsstukken supporting documents
Staatscourant Government Gazette
stelling allegation

When referring to a statement of fact.

stelling argument
stelling position; argument

When referring to a legal position or argument.

Stichting Raad van Arbitrage voor Metaalnijverheid en -Handel Court of Arbitration for the Metal Trade and Industry
strijd met goede procesorde abuse of process
stukken van het geding case documents
sub in paragraph; at paragraph
subsidiair in the alternative
surseance van betaling suspension of payments

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SZW Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid

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