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DutchLink is the partnership between Elizabeth De Zoysa and Marion Pini-Overberg, formed in 2009 to provide a high-quality service to clients. With two translators on board, clients get the best of both worlds – Elizabeth with her native English skills and Marion with her native Dutch skills. Elizabeth and Marion implement meticulous quality controls, to ensure accuracy and fluency, as well as the correct terminology.

Elizabeth De Zoysa

Partner, DutchLink Translations

A native English speaker, with a passion for providing accurate, clearly written and natural-sounding translations. With many years of experience working as a paralegal in a busy London office, Elizabeth combines her love of language with her knowledge of law, to bring you legal translations that you can trust.

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Marion Pini-Overberg

Partner, DutchLink Translations

A bilingual Dutch and English speaker, with a keen ear for fluent and natural-sounding English and an eagle eye for detail. With many years of working in the city of London, Marion has honed her English language skills to perfection, whilst still keeping her Dutch language skills sharp.

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Dutch→English specialists

We only offer translations from Dutch to English. That means we know the ins-and-outs of Dutch and the pitfalls to avoid: the Dutch words that look like English words but have a completely different meaning, the grammatical structures that are common in Dutch but sound awkward in English, etc. Our expertise means peace of mind for you, as you can be assured of the high quality of our translations.

Legal specialists

For 20 years plus, we have been translating legal and commercial texts and have built up our expertise in translating all manner of court submissions, decisions, judgments on appeal, contracts, settlement agreements, employment contracts, leases, tenancy agreements, etc. This is not an exhaustive list, so please contact us if your document type is not on the list mentioned here.

MITI qualified translators

As professional translators, we are qualified with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting as full members. Furthermore, we take Continuing Professional Development seriously and make every effort to keep up with developments in the industry. We constantly hone our language skills, attend face-to-face subject-specific courses and network with like-minded professionals.

Please contact us by email (info@dutchlink.co.uk) or phone (Elizabeth +44(0)7923 48 2112 or Marion +44(0)7919 593932) for any further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Email – info@dutchlink.co.uk
Phone – Elizabeth +44 (0)7923 482112 | Marion +44 (0)7919 593932

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